Just What the World Needed

Well, it looks like I’m finally biting the bullet and starting a blog. Yes world, I’m giving you everything you’ve ever wanted: more of my thoughts! I will now be another entitled, self-possessed, “I have opinions that matter and I know the whole world wants to hear them because I’m awesome/special/unique” millennial. You’re welcome, world!

I currently work at an arts council in the suburbs of New York City. People often hear that and say, “oh that sounds like fun.” Let me tell you: It’s not. For working in the arts (albeit an administrative position) it is not creative at all. In fact, it’s pretty stifling. I also am in a position where my opinion not only doesn’t matter, but my boss doesn’t even believe I am capable of forming opinions on my own. Crazy bosses, amiright?

I went to a liberal arts college, majored in something I thought was interesting, and thought I would figure it all out later. Little did I know, the real world is not a very welcoming place where you get judged immediately based on your major, college, and current address. My attempts at breaking into the theater world have not gone so well thus far. So this is my optimistic attempt at spinning my thoughts and musings into something career-worthy. If people can get noticed for 140 characters and get writing gigs out of it, then it’s worth a shot. Even though I’m fairly certain I will be the only one reading this, but welcome to the thoughts in my head. It’s about to get messy!