Last Dance

When I first heard that Gideon Glick was going to star in an Off-Broadway play about the twenty-something single experience, I was pumped. A horrific knee injury that left me unable to walk and housebound for weeks put in a crimp in my plan to actually see Significant Other, so I was so excited when it was announced long after that run had finished that the show would transfer to Broadway. Sadly, that run ended today, and it’s a shame.

For those who think theater skews to a older crowd, particularly straight plays, Significant Other was the answer about how to engage millennials in theater. A funny, heartbreaking, and at time, painful, look into the single life, Significant Other perfectly encapsulated so many of my feelings about the dating life today. I truly connected to Jordan Berman, minus being a Jewish, gay, male. It’s hard being single, and it’s hard when you feel like you’re behind all your friends. Jordan’s fantasy sequences, as well as his freak out over whether or not to send an email seemed to be scenes taken out of my own life. And that feeling of being alone, exacerbated when your friends are all partnered of were so searing, yet beautiful.

Gideon Glick was fantastic, and I think he deserves tons of awards recognition for deftlessly carrying the show. He made me laugh, he made me cringe, and he brought me to tears. Whether or not he always is that emotional, or if the end of the run brought out something extra, I do not know, but I do know that my heart continued to break for him, and in a way, for myself. Two of my other favorites, Lindsey Mendez brought great humanity and warmth to the schoolmarm, another character I sadly related to.

Joshua Harmon is a great new voice in the theater, and has written a piece that speaks to every young person that’s seen Significant Other. The haunting ending gave me chills and led me to tears, and I know it’s a lasting image that I’ll be sure to remember as I continue on my single struggle. I need to befriend a real-life Jordan to find my person so I too can dance the night away.