It’s Tony Time!

In my attempt to see everything before the Tony Awards, I have severely lacked updating this blog for all those negative number of people who actually read this. Expect a deluge of posts soon, unless I continue my lazy streak, but it’s not like anyone will notice! But enough about me.

It’s been a banner year on Broadway, which right now, really can’t be called the Great White Way. And that’s amazing. The Tony Awards mark the end of this season, and what an incredible year it has been! And while yes, all award shows put the emphasis on the competition, let us take a moment to reflect on the fact that everyone involved in the 39 shows this year gets to create art for a living. So to all those who weren’t nominated and all the shows that closed too soon, congratulations on making it to Broadway to begin with. Your art touches people. Your art matters. Thank you!


2 thoughts on “It’s Tony Time!

  1. I feel so weird about this Tony season. I’ve seen some AMAZING shows (King Charles III, A View From the Bridge, She Loves Me, School of Rock, Disaster), but I wanted to see more and never got the chance to. Plus, I have yet to score Hamilton tickets. I’m excited, but I wish I was a little more involved.


    1. A lot that of the shows that I loved have since closed, and your list is pretty substantial as well! I would definitely recommend Eclipsed (in its last week) and Shuffle Along, which has so many parallels to Hamilton, but is much easier to get tickets to!


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